Lectures, Workshops and Speeches

Living in a time where the role of music and art in society is in constant evolution and requires critical revision, I have been strongly committed to questioning the status quo on several levels: education (of musicians, not of audiences!), new concert formats (and whether they really matter?) and first and foremost, bringing the precious art of music into the future through integrity and constant re-evaluation.

Here is a brief selection of my activities to-date and several links pertaining to the matter:

Speeches / KeyNotes:

A speech on “Audience Development” (a questionable term) @ European Culture Forum – Brussels 2013

Two excerpts from the conference “School of Civilisation” of the Nexus Institute @ Concertgebouw, Amsterdam – 2015 – Click here and here.

Speech at “Veer Stichting” Conference in Leiden, 2011

Lectures, Workshops and Presentations:

Here is a brief list of lectures, workshops and presentations which I have given over the last few years:


  • Lecture on my version of Mahler’s 10th Symphony @ Gustav Mahler Musikwochen, Tobalch


  • Panel discussion in the conference “School of Civilisation” of the Nexus Institute at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.
  • Lecture for the Swedish Culture Ministry of Skane on “Audience Development”
  • Panel discussion on “Crossing the Border – finding new audiences” for the Berlinale Film Festival, Berlin.


  • Speech and panel discussion on “Audience Development” for the European Culture Forum (European Commission) in Brussels.
  • Panel discussion with Rob Riemen and Michael Robert Lucas for the European Culture Foundation.


  • Orchestral workshop at the Hamburg Music Academy – rehearsing and performing Gustav Mahler’s 5th Symphony.
  • Orchestral workshop for the “Musiklandschaft Westphalen” – rehearsing and performing Gustav Mahler’s 1st Symphony.
  • Orchestral workshop for the “Third Street Music School Settlement” in New York City on Kurt Weill’s 2nd Symphony.
  • Seminar on Gustav Mahler’s 10th Symphony, commissioned by the department of Musical Phenomenology at the Witten-Herdecke University.


  • Speech for the Symposium “Veer Stichting 2011 – Everything is Economy”, Leiden University on the role of music and culture in our society.
  • Lecture-Concert as the central part of the Nexus Conference in the Muziektheater Amsterdam, for the Nexus Institute. With members of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.
  • Panel discussion @ Nexus Conference with Ivan Fischer, Constantin Floros, George Klein, Katie Mitchell, Nuria Schoenberg Nono und Slavoj Zizek.