Yoel Gamzou appointed Music Director of Bremen Opera

So, now it’s official!

I am extremely excited, honoured and humbled to have been appointed Music Director of the Bremen Opera House. I feel tremendously grateful and lucky to be able to join a house of such extraordinary reputation, true innovation & curiosity, and such incredible quality. Moreover, I am incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing team one could ever hope for. I have never been happier! Cannot wait for this extraordinary new adventure to start….

I am incredibly grateful to the one-and-only Michael Börgerding, for his extraordinary trust, vision and courage; Looking forward to working with my fantastic new team – our designated 1st Kapellmeister Hartmut Keil and 2nd Kapellmeister + Studienleiter Israel Gursky. Our three fantastic dramaturgs Ingo Gerlach, Caroline Scheidegger and Isabelle Becker; the best KBB team ever, the most amazing singers and everybody else who makes this house such a unique place!

Can’t wait! Our opening is on September 10th – Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mzensk, directed by Armin Petras!

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